Today I joined WITA. I payed $9.99 to join because I figured they have a really nice job bank and I really like their graphic identity (that's pretty much how I buy movies and CDs. Nice cover? I'll take it!). If I find a job there, then the $9.99 will be totally worth it, and if I don't- well, its just $9.99.

After going through all the postings, I realized that I had payed $9.99 for WITA to tell that basically there are no jobs for me. Entry level positions no longer exist and the only positions available (in every single job search engine) are "Executive Director" or "Chief Curator" or "Editor in Chief" or "Finance Director."

I went to the dermatologist today to see why my hands were covered in creepy bumps and they looked as if they had been put through a pasta maker. He asked me "Have you been under a lot of stress? Job hunting maybe?" I said yes, and he said "Yeah...I can tell, that's why your hands look like that. Put this cream on it and try to calm down"