Wall Space's very own Haiti Print Sale

I've been posting a lot lately about the print sale I organized for Haiti. You know, when it comes to shameless self-promotion we waste no time, we do it skillfully and aggressively, putting a tremendous amount of energy into it. Then why not do the same for someone who needs it? The whole point of this is to provide all the support we can with what god has given us: our creativity, our good hearts, and the fortune to being alive and safe.

I wanted to draw some attention to the many other creative individuals who have done the same and are committed to raising funds for the people of Haiti. The folks over at Wall Space have organized a similar effort titled Life Support. Their funds are also being donated to Doctors Without Borders. It doesn't matter where you buy a print and this is not about us... it's about Haiti. Please take the time to look at the beautiful work they have for sale and grab something that catches your eye either at my print sale or at Life Support. All the funds will end up in the same organization.

Thank you again for all your support!