Today I made my first credit card payment ever.... And so it begins! :-[
Alissandra, Elle, Sarah G. and I all got into the Juried Undergraduate Exhibition this year... hooray for being cool.
Oh yeah, and I'm kicking butt in my GD class! who would have thought- I'm super sicked, I LOVE that class!

This is a Holiday card that we had to do for the Johns Hopkins Institute of Policy Studies. The message inside reads "Saving energy for things that matter," and it's a play between saving electricity/energy and using our own personal energy to promote a universal concept of peace that will bring happiness to everyone's holiday. The postcard would be mailed across the world, that's why it's not holiday specific and its about a universal concept.

And the we did a long research/brainstorming project that resulted in a symbol/logo design. I made a logo for a trendy/indie small store catered to young trendy (designer perhaps) moms and their kids. It would sell things such as yarn, fabrics, patterns, stationary, hand made toys, crafts, fresh baked goods and much more super cute/hand made things. The name of the store knitctopus and the logo was created from the words "Octopus" and "Winter." For our research we came up with 1,750 words and then picked two that were completely unrelated and made them work.