Under the Rainbow at Greg Kucera Gallery

Today was really great. Not only did I get a chance to see my work hung at Greg Kucera Gallery, one of Seattle's most prestigious galleries. More importantly, the show was curated and hung beautifully and I could not believe that my work could be hanging next to Paul Cadmus, across from Mapplethorpe and Duane Michals and adjacent to Annie Leibovitz, Bill Jacobson and John Dugdale. It was a really cool moment and I was also glad to share it with my colleagues Molly Landreth and Steven Miller. I will go back this week and take pictures of the space.

Me looking at the amazing Paul Cadmus prints next to my picture. Photo by Ann Pallesen

In a cooperative effort to support the Tacoma Art Museumʼs current exhibition Hide/Seek, four Seattle gallery owners have curated an exhibit from their own personal collections, gallery inventories, and the private collections of their clients. Gail Gibson (G. Gibson Gallery), James Harris (James Harris Gallery), Greg Kucera (Greg Kucera Gallery) and Stephen Lyons (Platform Gallery) bring together this complimentary exhibit of artwork by gay artists.

Works by the following artists are included: Berenice Abbott, Ruth Bernhard, Paul Cadmus, Kelli Connell, John Dugdale, Anthony Goicolea, David Hockney, Bill Jacobson, Annie Liebovitz, Jeffry Mitchell, Robert Mapplethorpe, Duane Michals, Jonah Samson, Rafael Soldi, Arthur Tress, David Wojnarovicz, Molly Landreth, Steven Miller and others.

Under the Rainbow – April 5 to May 12
Greg Kucera Gallery, 212 Third Avenue South, Seattle, WA

Annie Leibovitz
Duane Michals
Rafael Soldi

Berenice Abbott

Duane Michals

John Dugdale