Too Much Chocolate's rotating gallery.

too much chocolate is an online blogazine that aims to serve and connect emerging editorial, fine art, and commercial photographers all over the internet. The site focuses on dialogue, support, and exposure within the online photo community, with hope that it transfers into real world relationships and photographic growth for its readers. This space also (attempts) to function like a co-op in form: readers are encouraged to contribute site by authoring their own interviews and features of their own design/content.

too much chocolate has a fantastic section called Rotating Gallery, which features the work of an emerging photographer as well as an interview with him/her, and will change every Wednesday. The gallery is based off ‘collective curatorship’, where the photographer from week 1 chooses and interviews a photographer for week 2, week 2 chooses/interviews week 3, etc. There is only one stipulation to the process: Next weeks photographer has to be someone he/she has not had direct contact with yet. Ideally, this will take the gallery on a linked tour around the Internet, and exploring and unearthing new photographers as it goes.

This week Jeff Barnett-Winsby interviews Jaimie Warren
Image by Jaimie Warren