Time is....

If you know me, you know i LIVE by my planner. Without it, I'm nothing. It took me a while to find a system that worked for me. When I saw the Moleskin planner-notebook last year, I fell in love and it just worked... it was meant to be. It has your full week on the left with enough space on each day to write down all of my meetings, assignments, commitments, etc and a lined page on the right for me to do a To-Do list for that week. Just perfect.

Now its 2009 and I can't find on ANYWHERE!!! I've been looking for one all over the place and
they don't seem to sell it online. And the one place that does is sold out. :-[

And while we are on the topic of time management, how much easier would it be to manage my time if I had this beauty on my wall? $72 at the MoMA Store

Peep Clock by Noriyuki Shirasu