Thesis Frames

It is just about time I start thinking about framing my thesis. I'm having my frames custom made in Peru because it's a lot cheaper, much higher quality, and they are hand made to my own specifications. While I was in Peru I got some sample frames made in different sizes; I decided to go for a very simple shape- about 1.5 cm on the face and 3 cm in depth. They are a very warm coffee brown, very nice and classy.

I tried framing a couple photos in different ways to see which one looked better. I tried printing the image with a wide white border and framing it flush with no mat- the white border acting as a mat.

But what I'm actually going to go with is no mat or border, just framed flush. However, I'm gonna use a 1cm separator that goes on the inside to separate the image from the glass, creating a shadowbox of sorts. That way, since I'm going to have so many images (salon style) the white border won't separate them more than they already are but the shadowbox framing will keep the image flush to the frame but will be a nice surprise. I will use non-glare plexi.

Any thoughts?