The Temporary Stedelijk at the Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, restored by Benthem Crouwel Architekten
Photo: Stedelijk Museum, Rob Versluys
Stedelijk Museum

Public Program accompanying The Temporary Stedelijk at the Stedelijk Museum

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The Stedelijk Museum is opening its doors again at a unique moment in its history: while work continues on the expansion of the museum, the restoration of the historic building is nearly complete. From August 28, 2010 until January 8, 2011, the Stedelijk will temporarily re-open its doors with The Temporary Stedelijk at the Stedelijk Museum.

In addition to presenting two major contemporary art exhibitions, The Temporary Stedelijk offers visitors an extensive public program in which topics, audiences and formats alternate. The various events focus on making a significant contribution to artistic, theoretical and media production in the Netherlands and abroad. The program consists of theory seminars and talks, performances, film screenings, Q&A with artists and designers, workshops, interactive installations, but also gallery talks, guided tours and several international symposia. Please find a general overview of the program below.

The Public Program is curated by: Hendrik Folkerts and Margriet Schavemaker in collaboration with the curatorial staff of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Theory Talks @ The Temporary Stedelijk
The Temporary Stedelijk organizes four Theory Talks, in collaboration with the de Appel Curatorial Programme and the University of Amsterdam. During these evenings, The Temporary Stedelijk auditorium will give the floor to several prominent scholars and theorists in the field of contemporary art. The focal point of these evenings will be the issues of temporality and spatiality in the arts and art history, important themes for the Stedelijk at this moment in its history. The Theory Talks serve as a hub to make theory accessible to a wide community in the Netherlands and abroad. The goal is to use and to address theory in a productive way. At The Temporary Stedelijk, theory talks!

With (a.o.): Sarah Cook, Ann Demeester, Ann Goldstein, Suman Gupta, Marina Grzinic, Tim Griffin, Keith Moxey, Donald Preziosi and Nicholas Mirzoeff

Performance @ The Temporary Stedelijk
Engaging performances by noted performance artists that relate to, challenge, or are part of the exhibitions of The Temporary Stedelijk, organized in collaboration with Kunstverein Amsterdam and If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part of Your Revolution.

Do It! @ The Temporary Stedelijk
These evenings present a playful and topical mix of presentations, lectures and interventions, exploring such unexpected topics as smell, taste and play in contemporary art.

With (a.o.): Jim Drobnick, Peter de Cupere, Katja Gruijters and Louise Fresco

Talking Film @ The Temporary Stedelijk
A program that gives artists and designers the opportunity to screen either their own film work or that produced by other artists or filmmakers. The screenings are accompanied by a Q&A with the artist and are hosted by a curator of the Stedelijk Museum.

With (a.o.): Jurgen Bey and Hala Elkoussy

In order to further explore the Stedelijk Museum as a future platform for a variety of discursive events, that provide exhaustive, in-depth yet accessible reflections on urgent developments in the contemporary art world, The Temporary Stedelijk will host a diverse program of symposia, in collaboration with national and international partner institutions. For an up-to-date program, please check our website.

Gallery Talks
In-gallery talks with distinguished scholars, curators, artists and critics operating internationally in the field of contemporary art.

With (a.o.): Liesbeth Bik, Mark Boulos, Deborah Cherry, Ann Demeester, Ann Goldstein, Paul O’Neill and Jonas Staal

Please check our website for dates, participants and the full program:

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