The Exhibition Lab

If you are a photographer living in New York (or elsewhere too!) you probably have already heard of The Exhibition Lab. The Exhibition Lab is the love child of Michael Foley and Sasha Wolf, a study center for people involved in various aspects of fine art photography.

One of the exciting things going on at The Exhibition Lab is a bi-annual portfolio review. The current line up of reviewers looks awesome and they will also be offering some interesting opportunities. A "Free Pass Award" based on merit will be given by The Exhibition Lab staff to one applicant which will waive the tuition for the portfolio review. Two "Reviewers' Choice"scholarships will be awarded at the end of the review good for one complimentary Seminar at The Ex Lab.

To apply, follow the instructions on their website. Below is a list of the reviewers:

Honore Brown, Associate Picture Editor, The New Yorker
Stacey Clarkson, Art Director, Harper's
Kris Graves, Director, Kris Graves Projects
Jackie Ladner, Assistant Photo Editor, New York Magazine
Russell Lord, Fellow, Department of Photographs, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Andrea Meislin, Director, Andrea Meislin Gallery
Tracey Norman, Director, Yancey Richardson Gallery
Amy Stein, Photographer
Sasha Wolf, Director, Sasha Wolf Gallery
Denise Wolff, Editor, Aperture