Thank You, Mr. Bush.

Last week I was in the bus on my way back from work and witnessed the following conversation between a little girl and her father who was picking her up from school:

"So aren't you surprised to see me?"
"not really"
"But I never pick you up for school, you're not at least a little bit surprised?"
"Yeah, I guess you're usually at work"
"You're not gonna ask why Im not at work?"
"Daddy got fired today"
"Why? Did you do something bad?"
"No, the company doesn't have enough money to pay for me"

Thanks to our little friend Mr. George Bush our economy has gone to hell- we all know that, we can feel it- this has caused Europeans to be EVERYWHERE. They are all over the place spending their Euros, shoving them in our faces.

Today I'm riding the subway, the 1 train which is quite narrow and crowded, and there is this European couple going at it. They were having the most intense, wet, sloppy make-out session in the middle of the train. I think the slapped about half the passengers with their tongues and splattered their saliva across the whole state of New York. It was disgusting.

So thank you, Mr. Bush for bringing our economy to the ground and allowing thousands of tongue-thrusting Europeans to cash in their Euros and take advantage of us. At work we get almost mainly Europeans now and they are incredibly rude, don't tip, and think of themselves as superior than anyone else in the world.