Terence Sullivan

If you have a minute make sure to check out Terence Sullivan's current show, Still Frame. His work is the acknowledgment and navigation through the loss of his mother. The work both glorifies and mourns the most formative person in Terence's life.

The most moving piece in the show is a compilation of video clips beautifully edited to Terence's own voice singing the Ave Maria, which he sang at his mother's funeral. The works are both sweet and devastating. There is something quite lovely about the way the stills and the video piece were treated but yet they still render an aura of grief and perhaps even fear and anger. This work takes you on an emotional ride that concludes in your questioning of what would happen if it were you who lost your own mother.

The work is up in the Gateway Gallery 1, at the Gateway Building at the maryland Institute College of Art. Open through May 4th.