Teaching - Week 2.

My students and I at the sculpture park

This week marks my second week of teaching. I'm teaching a 7-week photojournalism professional internship for high school students. It is basically a photo/journalism workshop, 4 days a week and the students get a stipend and learn professional development skills.

Going into this I was a bit nervous but it turns out the students are a great bunch. I have a nicely balanced group of smart kids with a wide range of skill and personality. My first week panned out quite well; I introduced them to basic elements of design and composition, we learned how to talk about pictures both on a visual and on a conceptual/narrative level. We went on a "Light Scavenger Hunt" in which we chased light with our cameras and documented the infinite ways in which light manifests itself around us. They got a small slide show on Annie Leibovitz and we had two guest speakers: Pulitzer prize winner photographer Jerry Gay and the editor of the West Seattle Blog.

Olympic Sculpture Park

To top off the first week, on our last day we went on a field trip to the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park . The weather was absolutely perfect and we walked alongside the waterfront to get there. The park itself is fairly new and the architecture and engineering of it is stunning (See picture). Its outfitted with a gorgeous Calder, a massive Serra, a Roxy Paine,  a sweet Teresita Fernandez installation. Simultaneously there was a farmers market setting up so the students had plenty of things to photograph.

I'm really proud of the way they are speaking about images and the way they are editing their work. Here are some examples:

Ina Dash
Gen Carrillo