Subway Entry # 1

June 29th, 2009

A man reads a script and recites it mutely. He is an actor, he's going to an audition.

A man carries a worn planner. It has been left open at Wednesday, July 1st, where he already has two appointments penciled in. One at 11am, and one at 2pm.

A couple share headphones and nod their heads unanimously to the beat of the music. She then nibbles on his ear, she teases. He tries to kiss her back, but she turns her head away, she teases.

An African American woman with her hair tightly pulled back, with a single bun on either side of her head. She reads a book, she purges the skin between her brows, then she smiles and looks up. Sighs. Stares blankly at nothing, smiles one more time and dives back into her book; this time shaking her head side to side.