Subway Entries


New York is full of freaks, crazies and all kinds of people. Nice, mean, sweet, awkward... you name it. With time we become numb to it all and we just ignore the fact that we live in this crazy city. I've always said that New York makes me feel very lonely, because its a city of millions but no one seems to go about with the intention of actually interacting with one another. Take the subway, for example, there might be 80 people in one car, but you could do the craziest thing and people are too busy being by themselves to even pay attention to your non sense. But if you take a minute to just turn your i-pod off and watch people on the Subway you would be amazed at what you see. Sure some people are crazy, but knowing that no one gives a damn, many people do things that range from bizarre to sweet and lovely. I often sit there and wonder what people are thinking, what they are listening to, where they're going, what they do for a living, why they look sad or angry. Some people smile all of the sudden and I wonder what just passed their minds that made them burst into smile in the subway. Some acts and gestures are minimal and very subtle, but sweet and tender. Some are naughty and filthy.

I've been writing down the things I see on the subway. I guess that's the freaky thing I do on the subway. But writing it down instead of just thinking has actually been a very satisfying and I'd like to share them with you. These are just plain observations, no edits, nothing made up, just what I saw. So keep an eye out for those.