Identities Now will be a book comprised of select images submitted by photographers around the globe. The mission is to explore the current state of the photographic portrait through gathering the best work from a diverse cross-section of artists. Every photograph will be reviewed by the selection committee, which is comprised of top professionals in photography and the arts. Portraits will be chosen based solely on photographic merit in the eyes of this group.

Once published, the book will be available online and in bookstores. It will be a dynamic snapshot of what is happening in contemporary portrait photography, and will serve to promote and celebrate the photographers whose work is chosen.

I encourage everybody to submit to this book! It's a wonderful opportunity to get your work published and have it be seen by some of the top professionals in the industry!
The judges are: 1) David Harris, Design Director, Vanity Fair Magazine 2) Laurie Kratochvil, Photography Editor/Director 3) Sam Shahid, President and Creative Director, Shahid & Company 4) Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Photographer/Director 5) David Schonauer, former Editor in Chief, American Photo Magazine 6) Peter Hay Halpert, Principal, Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art