Still Here

I haven't posted in over a week, I know. I've had some family issues to deal with as well as lots of work.

First things first. This is a picture of my grandmother with all of her grandkids this past Christmas. She passed away this weekend and I wish I could be in Peru with my family. We love you Mamama and I'm sure you're enjoying your dark chocolate covered orange peels up there, with Papapa by your side.

Other than that, I have been busy teaching and working at the Photo Center. My students have been doing some awesome work and I'm so proud of them, I will share some of their work soon. Also here at the Photo Center things are starting to pick up. For starters, our current show Present Tense, curated by Denise Wolf of Aperture just went up. It looks great and I will post some shots soon. Secondly, our 5th annual benefit auction, titled PHOTOLUST (hot right?!), will be taking place on October 2nd! more details coming soon.
stay tuned!