Stage Presence

Every rock star should try to look more like Adam Levine. Maroon 5 always looks g-r-e-a-t on stage, they elude a special type of edgy sophistication. I particularly love the styling for the cover of their latest album. There are some really interesting pieces in there; Levine sports a beautiful gray blazer with a silk scarf. Mickey Madden's outfit is kind of bland and very art school. Jesse Carmichael on the keys looks awesome on a dark vest over an Oxford shirt and a gorgeous navy silk scarf. James Valentine wears a very classic retro emerald velvet blazer, and finally Matt Flynn on the drums looks like he could be the sixth member of The Beatles.

So I think that every band should learn from Maroon 5 (or their stylist), and learn that a little elegance can still look very Rock 'N Roll. And everyone else ever should try to look more like Adrien Brody. I love a nice grisly beard that is well groomed, and he certainly has the perfect one. Tip: don't groom it like you're from Staten Island, groom it like you're Adrien Brody.