Solo Show!!

I am very excited to announce that I will be having a solo show opening on April 3rd. The show will be at The Clothing Warehouse, one of Baltimore's hidden Gems! The Clothing Warehouse is a really great original vintage clothing and accessories store located in Federal Hill. I will be showing my Dancers: Revisited work, which is a series of Platinum Palladium prints that explore the dancers' views of themselves, rather than my view of them.

Almost 6 months later I’m looking through those photos that I took for each dancer in return for them posing for me and I am very interested in the dichotomy of what they wanted versus what I wanted. Our ideas of what makes a great picture were very different and the way each of them chose to portray themselves is of great interest to me. Each dancer had a very specific idea of what they wanted their photos to look like and each was very unique from one another. I now realize that it is important to consider these images when I think of my experience because it represents their vision of themselves. All along I’ve been focusing on making my own images that portray the dancer as I see them and have overlooked these wonderful images that they have made for themselves by means of my camera.

I am now revisiting these images and printing them through a Platinum Palladium process. I see the process as a way to manifest myself through the images, the element that unifies their vision and my craft making it a true collaboration. This set of photographs is of great importance to me because it represents one whole half of a collaboration that I have long ignored and am now revisiting.