Slinky Re- Design

For my graphic design class we have to re-package a toy. I've decided to do a Limited Collectors Edition of the original metal Slinky. But the catch is that I have to make a cardboard/paper box/package that ultimately folds flat, has one glue point, stacks well, has a die cut, and protects the toy. The box also cannot be in the shape of the toy, the graphics on the box cannot be related to its shape (so if its a banana shaped box, it cannot be yellow), the die cut has to be interesting, each side of the box should tell a story, and we need to come up with the package template from scratch. Oh yeah, and the toy had to be 3-10 inches in size, make noise, light up or move, come apart, and have a boring original box to re-design (the slinky didn't meet all of the criteria but my teacher said he would let me use it). So it's a really interesting assignment but there are so many requirements that I don't know if I'm gonna have time to make something I really like due to all of the requirements I have to meet.