Shows worth seeing this month

I'm in New York and I was able to see some shows that i think are worth visiting...

Stan Gaz and Andrea Diefenbach at Clampart. While Stan Gaz' pictures are quite stunning in their massive silver gelatin print glory, I'm not personally attracted to them. In the back gallery, however, hides a beautiful gem by the name of Andrea Diefenbach. The prints were a bit smaller than I expected them to be but they work surprisingly well at that scale. A very intimate and jaring look into the issue of AIDS in Odessa, Ukraine. The work is quite moving and worth spending some time with.

Shen Wei 's Almost Naked at Randall Scott Gallery. I was a bit confused by why some pictures were framed one way and some another way... I personally liked them better in the frames than flush mounted. But regardless, if you haven't already seen the work all over the internet blogosphere, try to see this show.

SPLASH at Klompching Gallery, a group show representing the best of their roster. Really a nice collection of images by emerging photographers worth seeing.