Shows worth seeing this month

I visited the Chelsea (soon to no longer be) gallery district this weekend a couple of shows, but I didn't have time see that many, so these are three that I recommend seeing. There many others that looked very promising, and it shouldn't take me too long to get to them now that . I have yet to make it to the ICP and see the John Wood and Richard Avedon Shows.

Arthur Tress
Make sure to stop by Clampart and see their current show, Arcadia. This wonderful group show highlights artists creating images that, in their own right, reference a sort of Utopian place. A place that, given the current conditions of our planet, is hard to believe could exist had these artists not constructed it, physically or conceptually. Definitely worth a look!

Lori Nix

A group exhibition including artworks by Aziz + Cucher, Olaf Otto Becker, Stan Gaz, Karen Gunderson, Christopher Harris, Mark Jaremko, Lori Nix, Arthur Tress, Stephen Wilkes, Frank Yamrus, and Marc Yankus

June 11 - August 14, 2009

Over at Yossi Milo, Andrew Bush' Vector Portraits are a bit repetitive thus a bit boring, but the photos are quite beautiful nonetheless.

Andrew Bush

At Hasted Hunt Gallery, make sure to see Mark Cohen - True Color. Cohen is a bit of a legend has been wildly exhibited; these 1970's Dye Transfers are simply exquisite. Mark Cohen's eye is phenomenal and his work with children and neighboors in his community is remminescent of Helen Levitt's color work or a more playful, naive William Eggleston. He shows children, women and other people going about their daily lives but manages to freeze it into moments of brilliant uncannyness.

Mark Cohen
Mark Cohen