Shoot with Adam

All images by Rafael Soldi

This past weekend I got to shoot my friend Adam Boehmer, he is a very talented writer/musician/dancer/artist who also happens to have an epic beard and a handsome face.

You can follow him here and listen to his music here and here.

This shoot was interesting in that it was a little bit different for me, this was the first time Adam and I had ever spent any time together alone, so we got to know each as the shoot progressed. Adam is gentle and insightful, he has a memorable sense of style and flair to match. We talked about relationships, heartbreak and other life things. I asked him to play some of his music for me, I feel like I got to know him more in those few minutes than I did in the two hours we spent together.

As usual I shot with my 6x7 medium format camera, but this time I brought my digital camera as well. I recently bought my first ever "serious" DSLR so I'm slowly starting to get used to making "serious" work with it. Earlier today I found myself cropping my digital photos on photoshop because their longer 35mm format irked me... it was a bit funny. So here I'm sharing some of those digital images; I will be picking up my film tomorrow and when I scan those I will share them. This will be the first time that I have done the same shoot with two cameras so I am curious to see if the images are different, and if so, how so. 

There is nothing I love more than a collaboration, so when Adam also asked if I could help him execute and idea for a shoot he had in mind I immediately jumped in. I will let him share those images, but I will mention that they involved putting lots of jingle bells in his mouth (I've included one here).