Some shameless announcements...

My DANCERS: REVISITED show came down today, and although I didn't sell much, I managed to score a mention on the City Paper, plenty of interest, and an article written about my work on Studio d'Art Magazine, a new local online publication. You can read it here. Here's an excerpt:

“DANCERS: REVISTED”, is a marvelous look into the soul of a dancer. Wanting to be more intimate with his work, Soldi used the ancient palladium process which is a more time consuming and tedious technique. Soldi first established a relationship with his new project, falling in love with it came next, and the end result is truly astonishing. Soldi captures the roughness of dance but still exposes elegance in this photo series. With his clean, refined, and sophisticated style, Soldi produces a dignified collection.

Secondly, over the weekend I was awarded the Sidney Lake Leadership Award. It was a huge honor, thank you everyone who was there and showed your support. A lot of my friends were also awarded with all sorts of cool things including grants to pursue community work, emerging leader and alumni awards. So congratulations to you!

My thesis has been sent to print and now I just have to assemble my frames. The thesis show will be going up on May 12th and officially open on May 15th. It will be up until May 19th, my final thesis edit is on my website if anyone is interested. If you want a postcard send me your address.