September is in the air

September.... how do I put it?

September, in the creative world, is the beginning of it all. In publishing, the September Issue is the bible. In Fashion, September means the best fashion week of the year. And in the art world, September means GREAT SHOWS!

I've never actually been in New York for the Fall openings so I am so very excited to here this time!
September 10th, to be exact, is going to be a very exciting day. September 10th brings along lots of solo shows, although it's very probable that many galleries will still just show their inventory (it's cheaper). Here are some of my picks for the fall, not to miss!

Jaques Henri Lartigue
Howard Greenberg Gallery
Sept. 11-Oct. 24

Looking in: Robert Frank's The Americans
The Metropolitan Museum
Sept. 22 - Jan. 3

Weston's Westons
Iconic and rare Edward Weston prints from the Cole Weston Collection
Danziger Projects
Sept. 19th - Oct. 24th

Robert Frank
Robert Mann Gallery
Oct. - Dec.

Bonni Benrubi Gallery
Sept. 17th - Nov. 28th

Hellen Van Meene
Yancey Richardson Gallery
Sept. 17th - Nov. 31st

Simen Johan
Yossi Milo Gallery
Sept. 10 - Oct. 31

The Joy of Portraits
Amador Gallery
Sept. 9 - Nov. 7

Amy Stein