Select Gender, the show that I've been curating alongside Paolo Morales and Elle Perez for the past year opened yesterday at Farmani Gallery. Words cannot describe how exciting it is to see our vision laid out on the wall. But more importantly , I am so incredibly grateful to those who made it possible and those who came out to see the show.
The gallery was JAM PACKED for 3 consecutive hours, even when the booze was gone! Every single person engaged with the work. I heard people talking about it, discussing their thoughts, opening up about their feeling on the subject. People were there TO SEE THE WORK. That made me so happy. Some people felt very invited and some couldn't handle the nature of the work, and I think that is very important and satisfying. To know that we were able to trigger an emotion in somebody just by our curatorial choices and the magnificent artwork the artists produced.
I'm really proud of this exhibition and I hope everybody gets a chance to see it. Gender identity is a subject that is not easy for everybody to talk about, but the nice thing about the show is that it addresses it in many different ways, it allows you to choose how to understand it -whether it is through subtlety, aesthetic choices, or shock value. There is something for everybody. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive thus far.
THANK YOU!!!!!! pictures below.