I am currently in Seattle taking a little week-long vacation before my life starts/ends. I have always heard great things about the city, but I have to say I am 100% blown away, in a good way. The people here seem very nice and happy, it feels like a community. It is filled with small private businesses, independent coffee shops, music venues, restaurants, pubs, parks, and galleries. The food is fantastic, the music is beyond great and its history is just amazing. The scenery is absolutely stunning, from the architecture to the incredible landscape. You can be at work in the financial district and be skiing in the mountains that same evening a couple of hours later. The city as a whole is passionate about all things organic, fair trade, recycled, indie, etc. I've been shooting lots of film, so the digital pictures are so so.

PS- the first picture is of Rudy's, a very cool place where I got my haircut, and I stole the pic from their website. It was a very cool place and their opening one in NY, hooray!