Sander's Children

I cannot even begin to tell you how freaking excited I am about this show over at Danziger Projects. I have always been a big fan of August Sander and a lot of those featured in this homage to his beautiful work. August Sander's "Man of The Twentieth Century" was a project the produced photos that, in his own words, "show the subjects in an environment corresponding to their own individuality." Sander puts forth images that are mostly full length, very straightforward and just strikingly honest.

This straightforward, full length, environmental portrait is probably a staple of our current photographic decade and although many attributed this trend to superstar Rineke Dijkstra, it is August Sander who we should be thanking. Consciously or unconsciously Sander's influence has been sneaking into the works photographers from legends like Penn, Avedon or Arbus to youngsters like Renaldi, Dijkstra or The Sartorialist.

Based on the participants alone, I can already tell this show will be the best trip to New York ever taken! Here are some of my favorite photographers being shown:

Lolo Veleko

Seydou Keita

Rineke Dijkstra

Richard Avedon