Riitta Ikonen

I can't even begin to tell you how in love I am with Riitta Ikonen's work. I particularly like her series "Me Again," the series is focused on the effects of global warming and the changing environment around us. I love work that is current and relevant to our situation because I think that's the work that we'll be looking at 100 years from now. Her work is so light-hearted and silly yet very touching and smart- every image makes me smile!

Some of her other series that I really enjoyed are:
Bird & Leaf, a series attempting to reflect on the artist's sentimental yearning to ‘get back to nature.’

Human Nylon
series, a hilarious series of images where she becomes different objects made out of Nylon.

Bright Idea | she explains: "Getting good ideas is one the greatest things that can happen, Ideas are your best friends. To celebrate this fact I became a Bright Idea and therefore your best friend."

And finally, Don't be a Roadkill. She became a Roadkill to inform animals about road safety and gives them fortune cookies that have the green cross code inside and a message that says "i will not become roadkill today". AMAZING.

(via Vic)