Remembering my Nona

I already wrote a long entry about my Nona and the amazing most wonderful type of woman that she was. But I received a couple e-mails today from people who wrote a couple lines about her and I can't help but to think about her and how much I miss her. I tried my best to translate it to English, but it just sounds so much better in Spanish. (Sorry about the run-on sentence, that's how one writes in Spanish).

My aunt Adriana wrote:

Many people who knew her, because she really touched many people with her gentle ways, with her generosity, with her direct proceeding, with her dedication to the reseach about Peru and its past, for her great dedication to her family and the its traditions, for the love that she provided us with and the very little that she demanded back, even from us, her immediate family who may have let moments pass to tell her how important she is to us and all the love that we had for her.

Friend of the the family, Constanza Barrera wrote the following

Ana Maria has been a woman out of this world. A certain day, in the Embassy of Italy in Peru, the then-ambassador Tonci Della Ciaja confessed to me that he considered her the most accomplished Italian in the country.

She has left a gap, yes, but full of memories. What else can we expect from this brief terestrial pass? She died the way she lived, surrounded by loved ones, surrounded by the love she sowed. Let me finish thanking the deference to share these tender memories, although sad, about the last weeks with your dear Nona and very loved and admired friend.