Regina Soektor Live at the Apple Store in SoHo

Today I saw Regina Spektor live in SoHo at the Apple Store. She was absolutely incredible, she is by far the best live performer I've ever seen. So powerful, so talented, so humble and so incredibly honest: musically and as a performer. The best part was that the concert was free and it was very small and intimate. The recording of this concert will be released on iTunes as a live CD. She performed mostly songs from her new album, Far, and then some of the classics. If you have not listened to that album, you must DO IT NOW!!

I love this album because I feel like her last album, Begin to Hope, it was a bit of a departure from her original style... a bit produced, a bit too poppy and not quirky and weird enough. In this album, she brings back some old songs that she has performed but never released (i.e. Folding Chair, Dance Anthem of the 80's) along with some new tunes. This album I feel really reflects her style as a singer/songwriter but it's still mature and well seasoned.

I had this funny conversation with a wanna-be hipster girl behind me in line:

Rafael: Are you excited?

Wanna-be Hisper Girl: yeah! this will be my second time seeing her

Rafael: I know, this will be my second time too. I saw her in D.C. about 3 years ago

Wanna-be Hisper Girl: OMG, she's been around that long? how did you see her 3 years ago?! that's before she released her first album, Begin to Hope!

Rafael: Umm... this is er 5th album.