Recent Events

* I went into Target to do my groceries for the week and when I got home I realized I bought Mac & Cheese, Cheddar Cheese and White American Cheese.

* I called my friend Maria yesterday and after several rings, a voice with an extremely strong southern accent came on and said "Ay ayem soah sawrry your call kent be completed a this tayem, please hayeng up and dayel agin"....I guess I just never expected an operator to have a southern accent. Don't all operators have the same voice? it was just really strange.

* I usually go to the MVA about once a year, and every time I go I'm there for 2-4 hours and at least 4 or more of the following things happen (at the same time): My license is suspended, my tags are expired, my emissions test is way over due, I need to pay over $200 in fees, my address is not updated, there are two different licenses under my name on file, someone is extremely rude to me, and more. And the most annoying part is that it's never my fault, the MVA always messes up all of my paperwork and then I have to deal with it.

What was it this time? Well, the MVA never updated my address like they were supposed to last time I was there. Also, even though I spent 3 hours there changing my car's title from my mom's name onto my name last year their system says that that was never done. So they sent the emissions test letter to my old address and since I never did the test because I never got the letter, they froze my account and never told me it was time to renew my tags. When my tags expired and never did my emissions test, I was given a ticket and my license was suspended. All of this happened without me knowing, and also the exact same thing happened last year and none of it was my fault. But since they never changed the title onto my name, I couldn't fix the problem without having a letter from my mom and a copy of her driver's license... but hey, my mother lives in a different continent! so I came back with the letter and the copy of the license, but they wouldn't accept the letter because it was a week old and it had "expired"! so I had to have my mom who lives in Peru write me a letter authorizing to fix all the problems and pay the fees that I am totally not responsible for the same day or within 3 days of me going to the MVA.

So at the end I spent 4 hours there and payed over $200 in fees and it wasn't even my fault. This happens every year, last year they mistyped my vehicle identification number in their system and created a HUGE fuzz that ended up with me going to court and having my car towed and my license suspended and 4 tickets and big mess with the state departmet. SO sick and tired of the stupid MVA.