Project 5

Lately I've found myself talking to a lot of people about how this recession is affecting the art world- a field that many of us have acquired loads of student loans just to be part of. Of course, the recession has its positives and its negatives and since we are all well aware of its negatives, lets talk about the positive. In the past several years during the gallery boom, New York gave birth to all kinds of galleries ranging from great to mediocre to flat out sloppy. This was good for there were far more opportunities for work to be shown but it also saturated the market. Now that times are tough many galleries have closed, but I've noticed that the most serious ones -even if they are small, way understaffed and struggling- have remained open.

In an effort to overcome what the british call "The Troubles," many galleries have partnered up and taken on projects together. This has sparked some very creative and exciting projects that would not have happened otherwise. I'm very excited for what the recession is generating in terms of encouraging people not to work independently to save their businesses, but rather collectively to save their industry.
I just recently read about Project 5, a new project created by Daniel Cooney Fine Art, Clampart, Sasha Wolf Gallery, Foley Gallery and Amador Gallery. So far the project consists of 2 parts: A limited edition portfolio consisting of five images, each from one artist from each gallery. And the second part is a day of portfolio reviews.
Here's the info:
Portfolio Review with Amador Gallery, ClampArt, Daniel Cooney Fine Art, Foley Gallery and Sasha Wolf Gallery.

Project 5 is a unique cooperation between gallerists that has grown from years of friendships and shared ambitions in the photography market. Reaching out to one another to create these new initiatives seemed like the next step for these 5 to collectively grow their shared ideals while maintaining their own distinguished programming.

Project 5 is proud to announce our first group Portfolio Review in New York City. Project 5 is a unique collaboration between Amador Gallery, ClampArt, Daniel Cooney Fine Art, Foley Gallery and Sasha Wolf Gallery that has grown out of years of friendship and shared ambitions in the photography market. Project 5 hopes to foster a supportive environment for artists to receive constructive criticism and build an ongoing dialogue about their work with art world professionals.

With a reasonable price tag ($250), you get three 20-minute review sessions with three of the five galleries listed above. There is also an hour-long meet-and-greet after the reviews where your can chat with all the artists and the reviewers to exchange info, etc.

Date of Review: Sunday, September 20th

To apply for Project 5’s Portfolio Review please send:

-A written description of your work

- A biography that outlines your education and professional experience.

- A link to your website, if you have one.

- 10 jpegs sent either in a zip file or attached to an email (or series of emails). The jpgs should be 100 dpi and 6 inches at the largest dimension.

Deadline for receipt of materials for this review will be September 6th and the artists will be notified of acceptance by September 9th. A $250 check made out to Project 5 will be due by September 12th.

Please direct any questions to or to any of the galleries involved.

Limited Edition Portfolios

All images will be unique to the portfolio—made specifically by the participating artists for this project. The portfolios will be released in an edition of 30, priced with new collectors in mind at $2500. Each print will be signed and numbered by the artist and the portfolio will be enclosed in a custom made clothbound case. The portfolio offers collectors the unique opportunity of starting a relationship with five different artists and galleries at the same time.

Thomas Allen from Foley Gallery
Olaf Otto Becker from Amador
Guido Castagnoli from Sasha Wolf Gallery
Jill Greenberg from Clampart
Stuart O’Sullivan from Daniel Cooney

Please contact any of the Project 5 galleries for more information.

Amador Gallery 212 759 6740

ClampArt 646 230 0020

Daniel Cooney Fine Art 212 255 8158

Foley Gallery 212 244 9081

Sasha Wolf Gallery 212 925 0025