Please Sponsor Me - Long Shot 2012

Jacob - From Long Shot 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

This Friday, June 1st, I will be participating in Long Shot, a 24-hour photo marathon to benefit the education and outreach programs at the Photo Center NW, and I am asking for small donations on my behalf to help us reach our goal. Most of you know that I am a photographer, but many don't know that I am lucky enough to use photography on a daily basis to help the Photo Center work with at-risk populations. This year I am looking to support two causes that are very dear to me: Club Photo is a program that uses photography to empower immigrant and refugee youth in Seattle, while The Ruby Project works with young-adult cancer survivors, providing them with creative tools to tell their stories.
Please consider making a donation of any amount, I am hoping to raise $1,000. Our event goal is $35,000. I am joined by another 650 participants who will be shooting on the same day around the world. I have already made a donation, will you join me in making a difference?
Make a donation HERE before July 28. Please consider giving $25, $50 or $100.
Here are some photos I took during last year's Long Shot event.