Peruvian Design

I've been meaning to get a nice Peruvian wall hanging for a while. So while I was in Peru shooting my thesis, I decided to bite the bullet and spend some money on a good quality hand-made, hand-dyed, woven Peruvian wall hanging. Im really in love with it and plan on using it as a headboard when I move to NY.

On that note, I would like to bring some attention to Peruvian design, specifically home design. Peru is not particularly known for its interior design, but every time I go I am incredibly surprised by the amazing taste people have and the beautiful homes and interiors one can find there. All of the following photographs are not just taken out of a catalog, you can actually see places like this all over the place.

another hanging

a contemporary dining room with Andean influences

a contemporary beach house

The following are pictures of my uncle's beautiful house



guest bathroom

passageway from pool to kitchen


living room