I'm in Peru right now working on my thesis. Oh wait, yeah I should probably work on my thesis before I leave. eek.

My mom and I decided to re-do our living room. The beauty of Peru is that you can get anything you want done for cheap and fast! So my mom bought new sofas last week, we called the glass guy and he made us new BIG glass shelves (not pictured) and had them done and installed by the end of the day. Then we called the carpenter and he came and fixed all of the hardwood floor that same day, then he took my grandma's old coffee tables and sanded them, cut them, stained them and put glass on them and brought them the next day. Then we went down the block and bought fabric and gave it to a guy who made the pillows on the sofas. The small red chairs were also my grandma's and we bought fabric and they were re-upholstered by the next day as well. We called the painter, and he painted all the walls and then then all of the silver was cleaned (Peru is huge on silver so we have a lot of silver decorations).

And BAM! we redid the living room in a week and barely moved a finger and probably spent under $300 not including the sofas. My aunt's wedding party is here tomorrow so it's gonna look nice and shiny.

I live in a cute little gated condominium that has 6 houses. This is the view from my window: