ONWARD '10 on Flak Photo

© Andrea Land

The ONWARD '10 feature on Flak Photo kicks off today with a GORGEOUS picture by Andrea Land.

In support of the exhibition, Flak Photo highlights work from fifteen of these photographers, weekdays through February 19, 2010 and includes images from Andrea Land, Cade Sadler, Christy Karpinski, Emily Keener, Jasen Strickler, Jennifer Wilkey, Kanga Bell, Katrina M. d’Autremont, Monika Merva, Rafael Soldi, Samantha Sheehan, Stella Johnson, Susan Worsham, Suzanne Révy and Viktoria Sorochinski.

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Project Basho's ONWARD is on view at Project Basho Gallery from February 1 - March 28, 2010.