It's been a while since I last did a news update. Some things happening now and upcoming:  

Head on over to Art Nerd Seattle to see my Dear Diary feature. With a nice write up by Elissa Favero about my work and a photo diary of a day in my life. Favero writes, "whereas much of his older work, especially the Sentiment series, has a strong sense of emotional urgency – the “here!” and “now!” you might expect from such a title – these new prints are cooler, with a more elastic sense of time. Waves lap, as they have for thousands and thousands of years, and with inscrutability, a classical-looking figure and prints themselves turn their backs to the viewer. It feels like a move forward for the photographer." Thank you Elissa!

I have been invited to participate in Vignettes' APRIL Fest. A group of artists, myself included, will be creating new works in response to poetry by  Mark Leidner from his new book "Beauty was the case that they gave me," the exhibition, which carries the same title, is curated by Sierra Stintson and Aidan Fitzgerald. Te exhibition will be held at Vignettes for one night only, on Wednesday, March 26th.

I'm very grateful to the Puffin Foundation for making me one of their grant winners this year. I look forward to using the award to partially fund my upcoming exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography.

I have two pieces currently on view at the Washington State Convention Center as part of Idea Odyssey's  IDxID: New Identities Revisited, curated by Davida Ingram. The exhibition is on view through April 9.


Next week I'm heading to the Society for Photographic Education national conference in Baltimore, hosted by my alma mater, MICA. If you will be in attendance lets hang out! I will be in NYC the week that follows, anyone out there?


I am curating an exhibition titled Here and Now: Queer Geographies in Contemporary Photography, which will open at the Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh this May 15th to coincide with Pittsburgh pride weekend. Artists in this exhibition include Molly Landreth, Richard Renaldi, Zackary Drucker, Elle Perez, Mike McLeod, #1 Must Have, and We Are The Youth. Stay tuned for more information.