New York Observations

So far the winter break is going great. I'm in New York hanging out with my best friend and my boyfriend spending the New Years. New York is just a silly place and I cannot wait to move here. Here are some things I've seen over the past few days:
- The tallest man I've ever seen wearing leather pants, which makes those the longest leather pants I've ever seen.

- If you've got some peculiar talent, the subway is always a great place to showcase it. Like if, for example, you could do pectoral dance to the beat of smooth jazz blasting out of a stereo.

- Turtlenecks make you look twice the gay.

- Everyone's mom and dad are in town.

- I love the smell of the ambulant non descriptive meat fried in every corner in Manhattan.

- There was a man in Union Square wearing a sign that said "I'M HORNY AND LOOKING FOR SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. PLEASE HELP IF YOU ARE A FEMALE OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE."

- I love Washington Heights and I want to live there. It is perfect. Incredibly adorable, safe, affordable, charming... love it! I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in New York.

- I've been photographing every every rejected curbside Christmas Tree I come across

- Billy's Cupcakes never fails to impress.

- I am in love with Luigi Ghirri and his current show at Aperture is fan-fucking-tastic.

Things that I have yet to do:
- Find the Cash Cab