New work + website update

Image by Rafael Soldi

So here's a decent scan of two images from my Peruvian Aristocrats series, I have a few more scans coming up, it is also the new home image for my website as of tonight. Click the image to see a large version.

And also, you can visit my website to see my first edit of my thesis work. This is very preliminary and many things will change, I'm sure. I'm quite sick and I threw together this sequence with my eyes barely open, so I'm going to have to revise this. But its just easier to throw something together and later play around with it. I'm in the process of thinking of a title and my advisors today suggested I disregard my previous idea for the hanging and consider a more traditional linear composition.... that's tricky considering I already ordered some of the frames, but very tempting because it would be easier to hang and i do like the line a lot. Oh well, we will see.