New Work

My summer class is over and I'm sad to see al my students go. The program was a huge success and each student grew immensely. I am really proud of everything they accomplished. One of the best things about working with teens is that they are socially awkward and just discovering themselves. From day one I knew I wanted to make their portraits. Not everybody showed up to the last class but I photographed those who did. As per usual (i know i know) excuse the low res scans.
This is Tyree. He has such a generous heart and disposition. He loves basketball more than anything.
Fizan is such a smart kid. He's incredibly respectful towards everybody and is always eager to learn. Also, he has this great look... I wanted to photograph him from day one!
Alan is also very smart. His best quality is his compassion, he is never afraid to let his personality shine through.
This is a very accurate portrait of Demeno. He is a gentle soul, very quiet and coy. However, inside he is a powerhouse -he is a brilliant writer and very talented artist.
Ina was probably the most mature in the group, she was also the oldest. I never had a single doubt about Ina's ability to pull through with a project and deliver fantastic pictures and thoughtful content. She was an inspiration and example for her peers. By the time I got to her, I only had 2 frames left and I wish I could've made a better portrait. We found these cool torn soccer nets.
Johanna was a pleasure to have as a student. Also incredibly talented and with a great eye for design. She has a bright and contagious personality and I like that her smile really comes through in this shot.
Last but not least, this is Tom. Tom grew the most out of all the students. He is an incredible breakdancer and a very good photographer. Seeing Tom grow so much and gain so much confidence was a real treat.
all images by Rafael Soldi