New Project: Displaced

I've been working on a new project tentatively titled Displaced. Displaced charts the changing landscape of my Seattle neighborhood, Capitol Hill, with a focus on the small businesses not yet displaced by developers and the people who own them. It is also a topographic study of the changing landscape, the new constructions and fast aesthetic transformation the neighborhood is taking on.

Now lets get a little less serious. The quirks that once made this neighborhood a haven for artists, punks and gays, auto shops, artist studios and dive bars are being quickly erased by bulldozers and cranes erecting high-end structures to house folks looking to buy into this life style. The problem lies in that those moving into the neighborhood, those looking for this "edgier" lifestyle, are now complaining about the noise, the gays, the punks and the artists. They seem to have an issue with the gay bars, among other things, and feel like long-time residents are cramping their style. After all, they paid a lot of money for their condo, don't they deserve to get whatever they want?

Full disclosure: I've only lived in the neighborhood for two years. That being said, it is for this very reason that I'm taking on this project. In my mere two years here I've seen this place transform, can you imagine how much it's changed over the last 10, 15 or 20 years? Many people can.