New Apartment

I just moved into my very own apartment here in Seattle. It's been a lot of work and still have some finishing touches to put in, but I'm happy with it seeing that I've only been there for 30 days. Here are some photos, I'm fortunate I get beautiful light in the afternoon. Something is wrong with my camera so these images look awful; you'd think that being a photographer I can take better pictures than this.... I will soon I promise.

View of the kitchen from the entrance

LR seen from my workspace/desk
Afternoon light. This picture is from the week I moved in so excuse the crap on the floor.
Kitchen seen from the LR

Bedroom. It needs the most work so I'm not showing the whole thing.

Crappy picture (sorry!) but it shows the pictures in my room.
Also note Carrie and Big on the T.V.... no internet = Sex & The City marathons 24/7.