New Acquisitions

If you know me, you probably know I'm a bit of a photo book whore. I just can't help it and they are so pretty! And when i find myself in front of a good deal, there is just no way I can resist. I recently visited my friend Kate at Aperture, and of course after looking through tenths of books I headed for the "damaged" books section. I found Richard Renaldi's Figure and Ground which I've been meaning to buy for a long time. It was 65% and in pretty OK condition. I got home only to realize that it was signed AND it was a 1st edition.

I also found a super cheap copy of Sally Mann's At Twelve

A few weeks later, I visited Strand and somehow walked out with $96 worth of books. dammit. I got these beauties: The original catalog from the 1955 The Family of Man exhibition at the MoMA curated by Edward Steichen. The first ever large-scale photo exhibition in the US. Jack Wilgus would be so proud of me.

Stephen Shore's American Surfaces in a neat packaging. I figured why not.

And Finally Bernd and Hilla Becher: Life and Work. I like their work so much and it is all spread out throughout many very expensive books. This one had a little bit of each series and some really interesting essays in it. Its a start but eventually I'll be able to afford their other books I guess. Sadly, Bernd Becher passed away almost exactly a year ago. (Jul. 26th 2007)

So that has been the extend of my summer photo book experience so far aside from that awesome purple cloth hardcover 1963 Harper Bazaar book I found at Angel thrift store on 19th st. lets just see how I haul it all back to Baltimore.