My Work on Soft Spot

I'm thrilled to be included in the latest exhibition over at Soft Spot: The Boa Constrictor and The Golden Retriever: Extremes in Tonality.  You can see my image here.

See the press release below:

The Boa Constrictor and the Golden Retriever: Extremes in Tonality at
Still Life Project, 2010.  Leigh Merrill.
Clean (Colder Version), 2010.  Jeffrey Courtland Jones. 

SoftSpot is pleased to present its latest show, The Boa Constrictor and the Golden Retriever: Extremes in Tonality.

Just after we started SoftSpot, Ryan got an email from Kim that read like this:

“...Last night Nick (Kim’s husband) was telling me how excited he is that you and I are collaborating together.  He said he always kind of thought we had the same energy, and that if he had to pick one of our friends for me to collaborate with, it would be you.  I was like, "Oh, that's cool... can you elaborate on our 'similar energy'?"  and he was like "yeah... you know... you guys just put out the same kinda vibe I guess.  Like, obviously Ryan is like a chilled out dog, like a golden retriever.  And you, you know, you're like a chilled out boa constrictor, so..."

This idea of the chilled out golden retriever and the chilled out boa constrictor stuck in our minds.  One thing that is important to us in navigating our way through this SoftSpot project is exploring relationships, connections and dichotomies.  In the exhibition The Boa Constrictor and the Golden Retriever: Extremes in Tonality we explore this idea of similarities and differences in energy.

For this exhibition we chose work that lives on opposite ends of the tonal spectrum.  The loud and the subdued, the emotional and the logical, the hot and the cold.  In bouncing back and forth between these extremes, the individual works, pairings and group of images as a whole create a dynamic experience for the viewer... much like occupying the same space as two animals, a boa constrictor and a golden retriever.

Participating Artists:
Jeffrey Courtland Jones                               Leigh Merrill
Emily Hunt                                                    Alfred Steiner
Meagan Hill-Carroll                                      Eileen Cubbage
Hanna Hur                                                   Rafael Soldi
Tom Burtonwood                                         Johan Rosenmunthe
Troy Hagenbart                                           Adam Beris

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