My Nona on my Nono

Not long ago we remembered the 42nd anniversary of my grandfather's death, my Nono, I never met him but there isn't one person who hasn't spoken very highly of him. My grandmother, my Nona, who passed away a few months ago, sent an e-mail to her 5 children last year to remind them of their father. My Nona had a way of writing and communicating that was so tender and poetic that every time I read her writing my heart beats faster. This is the last e-mail my Nona ever sent to her children. My translation does not even compare to the way this sounds in Spanish:

Dear Children,
Though 42 years have passed since he left us, I appreciate more than ever the importand of the spiritual inheritance that your father left us. Values that are not transmitted with words but rather with example: for you the solidarity and care amongst siblings and for me the chance to be proud of each and every one of you.
I embrace you all with me,

my Nona on her typewriter