Almost a year late, the MICA Photo book 07-08 is finally here!! I have to hand it to them, even though it is veeeeeery late, the book looks absolutely gorgeous. The design is very simple but very well though out and nicely laid out. It is too bad that the quality on the inside is not as good as that on the outside. The overall imagery is printed very dark and quite poorly, but that's not anyone's fault (I think, or I assume), I feel like thats what you get when you're working with a budget as small as the one they had, so they definitely did the best they could with the money and it really looks fantastic (mostly on the outside). I think that if we had the money to produce a gorgeous inside printing, this would be a book worth putting next to some some of the big sellers out there.

And speaking of nice printing in books, a while ago I checked out the ginormus book that Josh Lutz produced with powerHouse Books for his Meadowlands series that was in display a couple months back at Clampart, and the density of the ink they've laid on that paper is insane. Those pictures look so good, partly because they are shot with a large negg and probably scanned with a scanner that scans to the beat of an orgasm. You can tell that the people over at the 4-color press werent shy about cranking some ink on that paper, those pictures have so much ink on them that they were probably still wet by the time they hit the shelves. Definitely a book worth checking out.