Melis Bürsin

Untitled, Melis Bürsin, "Recording" series

Melis Bürsin graduated from MICA in 2006, which means I didn't get to have any classes with her, but I've always been very well aware of her work. Her senior year, Adam Pape and Melis collaborated on a grant proposal and were awarded the Meyers Travel Fellowship, with which they traveled to Turkey and produced a stunning body of work. I am very happy to see that Melis has continued to produce some fantastic work; I think her "Self-Portrait" series is particularly interesting and I'm curious to know more about her "Recordings" series, because the images are also very interesting.

Melis writes of her "Self-Portrait" work:

My photographs are an exploration of the dialogue that takes place between the subject and myself. I’m not giving back power but question the giving and taking of power. "Self-Portrait" is an ongoing observation that shows the subject’s full awareness of the camera. Holding the shutter release cable, serving as a connection to the camera, the individuals face the audience, eyes fixed on the camera, establishing an obvious confrontation between the subject and the viewer. The shutter release cable can also be seen as a direct connection between the subject and the camera. This allows the observer to question the subject’s role in the photograph, which can go either way —leaving it ambiguous

"Anna" by Melis Bürsen

"Lila" by Melis Bürsen

"Kimmy" by Melis Bürsen