Lately I've been thinking a lot about the relationship between love and pain. Yes, we all know that love brings pain, and we all know about heart breaks, break ups and and disappointments. I am more interested in love and our ability to induce pain, to hurt. Love, inherently makes you all the more capable of hurting. That is, to hurt others and and to get hurt.

Isn't it ironic how love and pain, polar opposite feelings, can be so co-dependent? The more you love someone and they more they love you, the greater the pain you are able to cause/experience. It seems counter productive, like going on a road trip and purposely renting the car without the air bags. See, the thing about love is that you only truly love someone when you allow them hurt you, that is, when you open up your heart to such a degree that if they wanted to, 

Perhaps love and pain are not that different, given that they are opposite in purpose but both posses the ability to pierce through with artful determination.