Latest Curatorial Adventures

International Architecture Biennale Rotterddam

As a curatorial intern for Interboro Partners, a hot Brooklyn-based Urban Planning firm, we have been working on the International Architecture Biennale Rotterddam (IABR) 2009. They have the most gorgeous industrial office space, and I love going up to NYC to help them out with whatever they need. We have been working on the issue of Open City in American and collecting lots of information on planned communities in the States. I have been learning a lot and am super excited to work on a subject that I'm not entirely familiar with.

Interboro's curatorial proposal for the Rotterdam Biennale touches on the subject of exploring the "ideal of the Open City, and consider its influence of the built environment in America by looking at the past, present and future of the American Community."

Follies, Predicaments and Other Conundrums: The Works of Laure Drogoul

This year I was part of the Exhibition Development Seminar (EDS), a course founded in 1997 by MICA’s Curator-in-Residence George Ciscle. EDS provides students with the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of a major exhibition, including research, planning, and production. This is the eleventh exhibition developed over the past twelve years through this unique educational program. This year we worked with Baltimore-based artist Laure Drogoul on her largest retros pective titled Follies Predicaments and Other Conundrums, The Works of Laure Drogoul. The class is divided in five teams: Curatorial Team, Graphic Design Team, Exhibition Design Team, Web Design Team and Education Team.

As part of the graphic design team, the bulk of our time was spent on the most ambitious publication, which was the exhibition catalog. The catalog consists of 36 pages of full color images and content. After determining our graphic identity, we proceeded to make a list of content that would have to be generated for the catalog. The content was generated by a variety of teams and then laid out by the graphic design team onto our catalog.

Our main goal for the catalog was to create a publication that would accurately represent the exhibition but also offer an additional insight into Laure Drogoul’s world. We found ourselves really thinking about the interactivity of Laure’s work, which lead to adding interactive elements to the catalog and other publications. Conceptually, we focused in understanding Laure's process and tried to approach the making of the catalog in the same way that she approaches the research and production of her artwork.

The catch was that while normally a graphic design firm will have plenty of time to research and produce a publication, our team met for the first time in August and the exhibition was due to open in early February. Weeks of hard work later we did one final visit to the printing press to review the proofs, and after some corrections we gave them the O.K. and 3,000 beautiful catalogs were printed make sure to download a PDF version of the catalog from the website!