La Teta Asustada

La Teta Asustada is a fantastic Peruvian film directed by Claudia Llosa, and starring the extremely talented Magaly Solier. La Teta Asustada literally means "The Frightened Tit" but has been translated to English as "The Milk of Sorrow." Peru has been known for producing some of the worse, sex-focused films consisting of mainly half naked girls and story lines that revolved around their breasts. This film marks the start of a new era, hopefully; just this past year there has been around 3 fantastic independent films produced. Very focused on Peruvian culture, yet not "folky" or of a documentary nature, these films have used powerful narrative to address issues that affect the whole of the Peruvian population. A recent film titled "Dioses" ("Gods") addresses the dynamics of a dysfunctional Peruvian family belonging to the social elite, living a life full of luxury and trauma.

La Teta Asustada is, though, by far one of the best films ever produced in Peru. Director Claudia Llosa, Winner of the Golden Bear 2009 in Berlin for this movie, explains the film:

"The Frightened Tit" is not a belief, it's an illness, an ancient illness. It is contagious through the maternal milk of women who were raped during pregnancy and lactation. Their children will be infected in an unavoidable manner by this silent fear. Fausta (Magaly Solier) has it. She suffers of a inherent fear that invades her completely. Also, she keeps a secret that she does not want or can reveal. But she must keep a promise: to take her mother to her native town. And to do that she must find the maze's exit that is in and outside of her.

Sorry, no subtitles.